• Let me guide you on your  path to becoming a Happy Medicare Enrollee.

My Services are no charge to you. Insurance companies pay me a commission to help you choose the best plan for you to include your Doctors, Hospitals and Prescriptions.


  •  I will help you enroll In Medicare Part B, Original Medicare Coverage
  • Provide a comparison of benefits  on your Employer Group Health Plan versus enrolling in Original Medicare with additional coverage for Medical and Prescriptions 
  • I can provide via email, Quotes For Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D Plans, Dental Plans, Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Care Insurance, Annuities
  • I am appointed with all of the Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado to be able to offer you a comparison of all of these companies.
  • I have a quoting tool for Colorado to quote all of the Medicare Supplement plans in Colorado at one time. Rates vary by county.
  • I can provide you a comparison of the drug plans in Colorado which will cover all of your drugs at the lowest cost out of your pocket for the year. All drug plans do not cover all drugs. The costs for a brand name drug could vary quite a bit between the different plans. If you enroll in a drug  plan without determining if your prescriptions are covered you will need to pay out of pocket for your drugs.
  • I have several years of experience as a Broker for Medicare  Heath plans. Previously worked for Kaiser Permanente for 4 years. Created a new territory for them in Larimar and Weld County
  • Licensed In 4 States: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas  
  • Certified In all Colorado Medicare Health and Drug Plans.  
  • I can provide a comparison of benefits for each insurance company for you to compare which benefits are best for you. 
  •  I understand Medicare and Medicaid guidelines and coordination of benefits between these programs.                     
  • I can provide Assistance In Applying For Extra Help for assistance wth paying for your outpatient Part D Drugs.
  • I can provide a comparison of individual Medicare  with your Employer Retiree Group Medicare Plan benefits such as PERA, Federal, TriCare.
  • I can provide a comparison of costs of Individual Medicare plans with Towers Watson and Aon Hewitt reitree Medicare plans.
  • Knowledgable in Veteran's Benefits for Medicare


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